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Archive failed to archive a pass. All passes before and after archived fine.
Are there any commands to use with the RSD to change the satellite of the KG44A manually?
Can TeraScan process SeaDAS data from Orbview-2?
Can you give me information about the algorithms used in CHRPT (FY1-C) data so that I can make SST images?
How can I make an NDVI image in TeraVision?
How can I tell what satellite is being received on an HR250 or HR200?
How do I add images to view in TeraVision?
How do I add overlays to my images in TeraVision?
How do I add points data to my image in TeraVision?
How do I add text to my images in TeraVision?
How do I add the f-15 satellite to my Sparc 10? The OS is Solaris 2.5.1 and I am running TeraScan 3.0. I do not wish to upgrade.
How do I automate post-processing on my TeraScan system?
How do I automatically landmask SST images created by TeraPGS?
How do I change the color of an image in TeraVision?
How do I change the image values in TeraVision?
How do I check that my UPS is working?
How do I check the communication between the receiver and the acquisition computer?
How do I check the time on my TeraScan System?
How do I check to see if my TeraScan acquisition system is running properly?
How do I combine different images together in TeraVision?
How do I configure my TeraScan System?
How do I create a new TeraScan user?
How do I create Land Surface Temperature (LST) from the AVHRR sensor?
How do I enhance an image in TeraVision?
How do I export data from TeraScan to ArcInfo or some other GIS program?
How do I export to a JPEG or other image types from an image in TeraVision?
How do I filter out noise in an image in TeraVision?
How do I find the center of an image in TeraVision?
How do I find the user manuals for the TeraScan GUIs?
How do I find the value of a line across images in TeraVision?
How do I geolocate an HDF after being exported from TeraScan using tdftohdf ?
How do I get orbital elements via a modem?
How do I get the weather symbols to display from my remote login in TeraVision?
How do I install the calibration coefficients for NOAA satellites?
How do I license TeraScan for my Linux system? The licensing GUI is not working.
How do I license TeraScan for my Solaris 2.6 System? The licensing GUI is not working.
How do I load images for viewing in TeraVision?
How do I loop images in TeraVision?
How do I make a SeaWiFS true color image in TeraVision?
How do I make TeraScan GOES sounder products files?
How do I modify a color palette in TeraVision?
How do I NFS-mount a directory on a Solaris system?
How do I overlay contours on images in TeraVision?
How do I overlay vectors on an image in TeraVision?
How do I process LAC/GAC from NOAA KLM (NOAA-15+) datasets?
How do I save the settings on my SGP?
How do I set the time zone on my system to be gmt + 0 once the OS has been installed?
How do I set up my system to autoarchive my satellite data?
How do I update the SGP key?
How do I view a pass on the pass disk?
How do I view images from multiple times and / or multiple variables in TeraVision?
How do I view real-time data as the satellite is over my station?
How do I view the 3-D variables available from the NOAA TOVS sounder in TeraVision?
How do I view the log files created by TeraScan?
I am getting an error when trying to process NOAA passes using the lac function when choosing calibrate=yes.
I am getting some errors when I try to run Xvu on an X Windows system. Can you help?
I am having trouble trying to ingest passes from tape. I am getting the error message: Not found in device table. What is the problem?
I am having trouble with some scripts processing NOAA SST using nitpix and getting an error message, how can I correct this?
I am not getting a signal on my GVAR system. How do I troubleshoot the problem?
I am not receiving RTD data on my system. What do I need to check?
I am not taking data on the polar antenna. And I get an error in the logs when I try to test the antenna serial connection. How do I test the antenna and the line driver?
I am running TeraScan 3.1 and when I try to use TeraPGS to distribute GVAR picture data (jpeg, jiff, tiff, etc.), it fails.
I am running TeraScan 3.1 on a shipboard system using NMEA as my navigation device. When I try to save any changes to tkconfig, I get a bus error, but the system seems to be operating normally. What is wrong?
I am trying to run xvu and I get the error, “unable to allocate 192 colors”. How do I get xvu to run?
I cannot close my tvis window. A new window will open and close as it should but the old window will not, how do I close the GUI window?
I cannot view SeaWiFs passes. I ran swreplay new_key=yes on the pass.
I have the meteosat processing software package installed and keyed but the system still does not acquire data.
I just installed the ESP Print Pro package and when I try to print from TeraVision, it will not bring up the ESP Print panel. How do I set this up?
I just upgraded from TeraScan 2.6 to TeraScan 3.0 and my shiptracks script is not working. How can I fix it?
I keep getting an error associated with a device I am not using on my TeraScan system. How do I remedy these errors?
I keep getting PDREAD errors when trying to acquire and process GVAR telemetry using TeraScan 3.X.
I keep getting this error about the magnetic model dates being out of range. Is there something wrong with my system?
I loaded TeraScan 3.1 and the license key for the meteosat package, but PDUS acquisition and processing does not work.
Is it possible to view side-by-side images in Xvu and enhance them individually?
My Frame Sync driver is not working on a Sun computer with a PCI bus.
NOAA has changed the frequency for NOAA-14 and NOAA-16. How can I change the frequency inside TeraScan?
On a Sun SPARC system, how do I restore the system from a dump tape?
On a SUN Ultra system, how do I restore my system from a dump tape?
TeraPGS fails to make picture products in formats like TIFF and JPEG. What is wrong?
TeraScan 3.1 installer crashes when trying to install/create the xtuser account. How do I create the account?
The coastal/geo-political boundaries are off when TeraPGS processes SeaWiFS data. How do I correct this?
The GOES TeraPGS lowcloud product in TeraScan 3.1.2 is not the correct version. How do I get the correct version?
The GUI for licensing TeraScan is not working. What is wrong?
The SAA archive identifies the satellites with letters. How do I know which satellite goes with which letter?
The system is is not generating GVAR products even though it is receiving GOES-8 data. The system is running TeraScan 3.1, with continuous GVAR reception using gvar_pproc_wait and gvar_pproc.
The Trackeye window is scrolling the bottom line over and over. How can I stop Trackeye from scrolling?
Using Xvu, can I view a black-white image along with a color image (hsl256)?
We are receiving DMSP data and we are getting a color inversion approximately in the middle of the pass. What causes this?
What are all the buttons along the top of TeraVision?
What are the jumper settings for my HR200/250 DMSP receiver?
What are the NMEA variables that TeraScan can read?
What are zaptsched and safe_ant? How do they work?
When I list the contents of a TeraScan dataset, what do scale and offset mean?
When I process data from the NOAA web site, I keep getting navigation errors. What is the problem?
When I try to launch the configuration GUI tkconfig, I get a disk space utilization error.
When I try to run the installer script for a software upgrade, I get an RPM error.
When I try to zoom multiple images at the same time (e.g., in an animation), only the first image is zoomed and the rest are left untouched.
When processing F-15 data with rtdin, I only get ols, DMDM, and t2 data. How do I get the additional sensor data?
When running swcolor on a calibrated SeaWiFS L1a calibrated image, I am getting the message back "STOP diffuse: invalid data". Why is this happening?
Where can I find technical documentation and users guides for NOAA satellites?
Where do I get the NOAA Standard Enhancement curves?
Why are the file values reported next to the lat / lon values different in TeraVision than what I expect?
Why is the start_time so different from the scheduled start time of a GVAR pass?

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